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How to start a YoutualFund

First, choose a symbol

First, choose your fund's symbol. A YoutualFund symbol is like a stock symbol. Other people can find your fund - and trade it at their broker - by using your symbol. (Helpful hint: all YoutualFund symbols start with the ^ character. Example: ^EXIT.)

First choose your YoutualFund's symbol. 

Make your investments

After you select a symbol, next decide what your YoutualFund will invest in, or "hold." For example, if you are creating a technology-centric YoutualFund, you might want to hold 33% Google (GOOG), 33% Apple (AAPL), and 33% Microsoft (MSFT). A consumer-products fund might want to hold Procter and Gamble (PG). Or perhaps you are a "gold bug" and you want your fund to invest entirely in the iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU). This process of choosing stocks to hold in your fund is called allocating your fund.

This YoutualFund "owns" three different stocks. The YoutualFund will rise in value if the stocks it holds rise in value.

Track your performance

Once you've allocated your fund, you will watch your fund's performance. All YoutualFunds start with a fund price of $100 per share. If the stuff you hold goes up in value (for example, if Apple announces a terrific new product, and its stock shoots upwards), your YoutualFund will shoot up in price, too!

All YoutualFunds start at $100 per share. The price rises or falls depending on whether your investment decisions are wise.

How much does it cost?

It's completely free to create and run a YoutualFund.

Why start a YoutualFund?

If you've ever looked at the results of professional money managers, and thought to yourself, "I can do better than that!" then you should start your own YoutualFund. A YoutualFund is sort of like a mutual fund, sort of like an ETF -- but is completely personalized by you.

Friends, family, and strangers will be able to buy your YoutualFund in their brokerage account. And you'll earn money for running a good fund.

How do family and friends trade my YoutualFund at their broker?

Anyone who has a compatible brokerage account can buy and sell YoutualFunds in their brokerage account. They just come to this Web site and press the button that looks like this:

Learn more about trading YoutualFunds in brokerage accounts.

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