About YoutualFunds Trading Competitions

YoutualFunds.com lets you prove your manhood through trading.

To compete, just add your YoutualFund to a competition. We'll track the performance of each fund over the course of the competition. The fund that increases the most in value, as a percent, wins.

You can enter as many competitions as you like. You can start your own, or join one already looking for participants.

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There are always many competitions to join on YoutualFunds.com

Peace and love through trading competition

If you are sick of hearing your friend tell you what a genius investor he is, and of listening to endless prattle about how he presciently bought this stock or that stock, and made millions of dollars -- and yet somehow he still can't seem to pick up the check at a restaurant -- well, my friend, here is your answer. Just start a YoutualFunds competition, type in your friend's email address, and challenge him to a friendly investing match.

The world can be made better by humiliating your friends