How to "buy" a Youtual Fund at your real-life broker

Found a good Youtual Fund? Want to "buy shares" of Youtual Fund at your broker? Now you can! It's easy.

You'll use our amazing "trade-mirroring" technology. Trade mirroring works like this. Let's say you love the YoutualFund with the symbol: ^JOHN. When ^JOHN buys a stock, your brokerage account will buy the stock. When ^JOHN sells, your brokerage account will sell. While you are not actually buying any real security named ^JOHN (since no such registered security exists), you can make your brokerage account act the way it would act if ^JOHN did exist -- and make it own the same things that ^JOHN owns, at the correct proportions.

This means that the performance of your brokerage account will come pretty darn close to matching the performance of ^JOHN. You can make your trades as big or small as you like.

Invest in people instead of stocks

Thanks to, you're no longer stuck with the same old mass-produced, bland investments. Now you can invest in people instead of investing in stocks.

Every investor in the world can claim his symbol on the YoutualFunds Exchange and then "go public." You can effectively "buy" these funds by mirroring them in your brokerage account. (Or, if you think someone is on the wrong track, you can "go short" a Youtual Fund!)

Buy one Youtual Fund, or buy many. Blend several Youtual Funds together into your own YoutualFund. And then watch as other people follow your fund in theirs.

Welcome to the world of people-powered investing.

How to trade a Youtual Fund in a brokerage account

1) Click on the Buy at your broker button that appears on each YoutualFund.

2) Tell us how many shares of the YoutualFund to buy.

3) Tell us which broker.

Ta da! That's it. Easy.

Our technology creates thousands of virtual funds

At, we use the power of our amazing trade-mirroring technology to create "virtualized" investment funds. So, when you buy a YoutualFund with the symbol ^EXMPL (for example... get it?) your broker will not actually buy a fund named ^EXMPL. That fund (with symbol ^EXMPL) doesn't actually exist on any stock exchange. Instead, our patent-pending software will make your brokerage account act as if that fund did exist, by buying the same stocks, at the correct percentages, that the Youtual Fund holds. This means your brokerage account performance will come pretty darn close to matching the Youtual Fund you are mirroring.

Which brokers are compatible with YoutualFunds?

We hope to add new brokers each month. Right now, you can trade any YoutualFund you see on this site at any C2 compatible broker.

If your broker isn't compatible with YoutualFunds, you must help us. There are two possible ways to do this. The first is to visit the corporate headquarters of your broker and barricade yourself in the CEO's office with a whip and a bullhorn, refusing to budge until the CEO agrees to play ball with us.

The other way to help is to politely let your broker know that you want to trade Youtual Funds in your account, and that the CEO should contact the good people here at Your choice.

What commissions will be charged by YoutualFund compatible brokers? does not charge any commissions on YoutualFunds you trade in your brokerage account. However, you will be charged your regular broker commissions by your broker. Note that YoutualFunds is not a broker, and we are not compensated for any trades you place, or for your opening an account with a broker.